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Import and Export all kind of Trucks, Cars and Machinery
Stock No Make/Model Image Model/Chassis Year Mileage Transmission Country price Get
MI 1067 TCM Forklift TCM Forklift FD25T3 2010 6500 MANUAL Japan US$ 12500
MI 872 TCM Skid Steer TCM Skid Steer 43 1990 3000 MANUAL Japan SOLD
MI 430 TCM Forklift TCM Forklift FD35 2008 2000 MANUAL Japan POR
MI 429 TCM Forklift TCM Forklift FD240Z5 1995 3500 MANUAL Japan SOLD
TCM Forklift
TCM Forklift (Id:MI 1067)
Model/Chassis FD25T3
Year 2010
Region Japan
TCM Skid Steer
TCM Skid Steer (Id:MI 872)
Model/Chassis 43
Year 1990
Region Japan
TCM Forklift
TCM Forklift (Id:MI 430)
Model/Chassis FD35
Year 2008
Region Japan
TCM Forklift
TCM Forklift (Id:MI 429)
Model/Chassis FD240Z5
Year 1995
Region Japan


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Import and Export all kind of Cars and Machinery

We are proud member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA), its makes us Unique trusted supplier from Japan, worldwide satisfied customers. The office of JUMVEA located in Tokyo but members are covering almost all area in Japan. As JUMVEA we also cover most of the countries in the world for the exportation of the used motor vehicles.

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