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Q#1: What is the procedure of buying used vehicles from Mumtaz International?

Q#2: Difference between other competitors and Mumtaz International?

Q#3: What is the condition of the vehicles at Mumtaz International?

Q#4:How can I create an account in your website?

Q#5:How can I get Pro forma invoice?

Q#6:Who answer my queries?

Q#7:Want to know, How come a 5 years or older model vehicle carry a low mileage?

Q#8:What countries do you export your vehicles?

Q#9:Do you have any system to checking cars?


Q#10: How do I place my order??

Q#11: How do I get pro forma invoice?

Q#12: What happens if the vehicle I selected appeared to be “Sold” to another customer?


Q#13: What happens if the vehicle I selected appeared to be “Sold” to another customer?


Q#14: What kind of maintenance service do you provide on Japanese vehicles?

Q#15: What kind of maintenance do I have to do after the vehicles is Recieve?

Q#16: Is there any damage or problem in your Japanese car?

Import and Export all kind of Cars and Machinery

We are proud member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA), its makes us Unique trusted supplier from Japan, worldwide satisfied customers. The office of JUMVEA located in Tokyo but members are covering almost all area in Japan. As JUMVEA we also cover most of the countries in the world for the exportation of the used motor vehicles.

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